• Thank you in advance for your assistance with this very important process, without which we can not produce services- such as ID cards or student directories- for your school.
  • Please provide this file a MINIMUM of 5 WORKING DAYS before your photo session. As long as the file is 90% accurate or better, we can accommodate new students during the photo session.
  • The file should list all the current students in your school with the details for each student on one line (ie. Aikens,Michael,2,11,99037). The most common files are.csv, .txt, and .xls or .xlsx files

Fields marked with a * must be filled out before the 'select file, or drag the file onto this page' button will appear

If you require any assistance, please call your photo rep, or call us at 604.433.0551 or 1.888.644.4494, ext 122